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Portable Car Fridge Cooler & Warmer YT-A-700B

Mini Portable Car Cooler

Product Introduction

1.Adopting thermoelectric cooling technology, combining cooling function and heating function to one product. Temperature is accurately controlled by electronic thermostat.

2.Attractive appearance, easy operation, convenient to carry, low noise, without CFC pollution.
3.This product is appropriate for cooling and heating canning beverage, but carbonated beverage does not allow heating.

4.This product is widely used in various places. Not only working with direct current DC12V,  27-48W but also working with alternating current AC100V-240V after allocating a power adapter.
5.Cooling mode, turning off mode and heating mode are transformed by mechanical toggle switch.
unit dimension:32.7*17.8*29.7cm

Volume : 7.5 ltr

Mini Portable Car Cooler



Mini Portable Car Cooler



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